The new EP is out, and were are back to playing shows! Our next show is in Redlands, CA on Friday May 22. 

We are very happy to say that 'Stranger' is finally out! You can download it for any price, or take it for free directly from our bandcamp page. 

'Stranger' is streaming live today on at 4pm Central Time.

The new EP comes out next month. We are doing these shows to celebrate! 

Our EP release show will happen on Saturday April 25 at the Redwood Bar in Downtown Los Angeles!!!
[Facebook event link] 

We are now offering personalized songs as a form of merch! Have Femme Fatality write a song about you, or someone/something you care about for as low as $75. More details here 

Stranger is the title track from the upcoming 5 song EP. Release date: 04/21/15.

New music from Femme Fatality is on the way. The EP release date is set for April, but the video for the title track will be seen this week.

Femme Fatality takes an artful approach to electronic pop with the long awaited 2015 release Stranger. These 5 tracks temporarily set aside some of the high-energy aspects of FF in favor of minimalistic programming and a creeping pace. True-crime stories inspired the haunting synth patching and vocal stylings while lyrics tell tales of stalkers and killers in the most unlikely of places. Stranger is scheduled for release on April 21, 2015.

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